Monday, August 11, 2014

~Review: This Is Sarah by Ally Malinenko~

This Is Sarah
Ally Malinenko

This Is Sarah is only $1.99 on Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited at the time of this posting.

When Colin Leventhal leaned out his bedroom window on the night of May 12th and said goodbye to his girlfriend, he never expected it would be forever. But when Sarah Evans goes missing that night, Colin's world unravels as he transforms from the boyfriend next door to the main police suspect. Then one year later, at her memorial service, Colin makes a phone call that changes everything. Is it possible that Sarah is still alive? And if so how can he bring her back? 

As Colin struggles with this possibility, across the street, Sarah’s little sister, Claire learns how to navigate the strange new landscape of life without her sister. While her parents fall apart, Claire remains determined to keep going even if it kills her. 

THIS IS SARAH serves as a meditation on loss, love and what it means to say goodbye.

This Is Sarah is a wonderful book about love, loss and coping.  Sarah has been missing for one year.  At her one year memorial her boyfriend Colin makes a phone call that leaves him to believe that Sarah could still be alive.  He misses Sarah every day and struggles with the guilt that he is the last person who saw her before she disappeared.  His downward spiral affects everyone around him.  

Claire is Sarah's little sister who has to learn to cope on her own with her sisters disappearance.  With her parents emotionally and physically shut off, Claire has to depend on herself.  She also hopes that Colin will be able to see her as more than just a little sister.

This book is heartbreaking.  I can't imagine the disappearance and loss of a child with no trace.  This is a book telling about the horror and turmoil of the loved ones left behind.  This is their story.  How sad it is for parents and loved ones to have no closure.  This is a brilliant, well written book.  It is a short and a quick read.  If you are looking for a book with all the answers tied up neatly in a bow, this book is not for you.  It will leave you with more questions and a few tears along the way.  

Thank you to the author Ally Malinenko for sending me a copy of this book for review.  I hardly accept email review request but I am glad I did this one.  This did not influence my review in any way.

Ally Malinenko,is the author of the poetry collection, The Wanting Bone (Six Gallery Press), the children's novel Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb (Antenna Books) and This Is Sarah (BookFish Books). She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and blog at She can also be found blathering about Doctor Who at @allymalinenko.

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