Monday, June 30, 2014

~Book Review-Carnival by K.B. Nelson~


K.B. Nelson

Charlie should be packing her bags for college, but the life ahead of her isn’t one she’s certain she wants. Maybe that’s what led her to sleep with a perfect stranger at the county fair. Finding out he was a carnie was like winning the bonus round of the world’s worst game.

Blue grew up in the carnival, never staying anywhere long enough to call home. He never thought of himself as the type to seduce a local, let alone fall in love with one, but his impulsiveness got the better of him this time. He should go where the carnival takes him, but for the first time he’s not sure if he wants to follow.

When he makes the decision to stick around, Charlie eagerly follows him down the rabbit hole; into a world with no regard for consequences or regret. Most of all, he shows her that home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling they can create and share. For a price. Because the higher the roller coaster goes, the faster it all comes crashing down.


My thoughts:  Wow, what an emotional roller coaster ride.  This book started out fast, with hot and steamy scenes.  A very good book that did not go in the direction that I thought.  Charlie is just a small town girl with big dreams but is afraid to act on them since the divorce of her parents.  With her best friend leaving for college and her ex-boyfriend still in love with her, she is at a crossroads in her life and feels like she doesn't belong anywhere.  Enter Blue, the hot young carnie with whom she has an instant attraction to.

After their scandalous night together, Charlie is sure she will never see Blue again.  Much to her surprise, Blue decides to stick around.  Can a relationship be based solely on sex and lies survive, or is there more to this couple?  What price will they pay to stay together?

I really liked this book.  I was so confused by the flow of the book at times but everything fit together at the end.  There were so many secrets and lies between these two that I figured there was no way they could stay together, especially with the interference of Charlies ex-boyfriend.  

This book is a New Adult Book for mature readers.  It has numerous references to sexual situations, language and mild drug use.

I received this book for free from Netgalley for a fair and honest review.  This in no way influenced the content of my review.

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