Saturday, December 23, 2017

~Review: The Center by Molly Stokes~

The Center (A Harper Hellions Novel)
Molly Stokes
Kindle Edition189 pages
Published September 29th 2017

Seeking a fresh start, college junior and recovering optimist Nora Lovell moves closer to home to start the new school year at a tiny private college in New England. She is desperately seeking solace from a demented ex-boyfriend who spent the past year blackmailing her and she has sworn off dating until she feels like her life is back under her own control. Her new next door neighbor and all around delicious captain of the school's hockey team, Adam Hamilton, hasn't gotten that particular memo yet.

Adam has spent his life following a strict, self-imposed set of rules and he doesn't have time for attachments, he has bigger things to focus on, like his future career in the NHL. When he meets the newest addition to the house next door, he can't help but question that stance. Adam tries to maintain his distance but as circumstances continue to put him in compromising positions with the irresistible soccer player and he begins to unravel Nora's past, he finds his resolve weakening.

“What about you, what position do you play?”
“Center,” I say proudly. “Looks like we both like to score.”

About the Author:

A New Jersey native, Molly Stokes currently resides in a quiet NYC suburb with her adorable husband and supportive dog, or should that be the other way around? She is a Rutgers University graduate and wannabe archaeologist. On the weekends she can be reliably found holed up in her room and hunched over her writing desk.

She is the author of the new adult hockey romance series, Harper Hellions.

Molly writes angsty new adult romance with the heat turned all the way up. When she is not writing she is busy dreaming up new characters and the great loves that will challenge them.

A wonderful first book in a new series and an amazing debut novel.  Nora has moved back home to attend college with her best friend and be closer to her father.  She is also running from her crazy, psycho ex boyfriend that has left her with many emotional scars.  She has sworn off boys!  School and soccer is all she is willing to concentrate on.  Until she gets a peek at her next door neighbor and hockey captain, Adam.  Adam has always been the love them and leave them type, only caring about partying and hockey, until he meets Nora.  She is sweet and he can't seem to quit thinking about her or stay away from her.  When Nora's past catches up with her will she stay and fight or run again?

There is nothing much better that hot hockey players.  This is a wonderful start to a series and I hope there will be plenty more Harper Hellions to come.  So many more stories to be told.  Nora is a strong character and shows just how strong she can be.  She may even be able to learn to love again.  Adam (swoon) is perfect being her protector even if she doesn't want one.  I hope to read many more books by Molly Stokes.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.  All thoughts are my own.

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