Tuesday, August 19, 2014

~Review and Giveaway: Where Life Takes You by Claudia Y. Burgoa~

Where Life Takes You (Life #1)
Claudia Y. Burgoa

Becca Trent lived her childhood next to a cruel woman — her mom —who lived to torment and neglect her. During her high school years, her mother married; bringing home not only a new husband, but a step sister her same age. The latter took over her Mom's role — making Becca's life miserable. Including stealing Ian — Becca's best friend and boyfriend — Lisa treated her worse than her mother had for the previous fifteen years. A couple years later, thing ended up in tragedy. 

Becca buried that part of her life in the deep corners of her psyche, caught between sanity and nightmares. Between therapy, work and her constantly looming past she can't seem to find room to breathe. The memories of her late step-sister, Lisa, are her closest company. 

Her best friend, Dan gives her that family love she always lacked. Everything was close to perfect, until everything and everyone from her past came back. Now she's trying to figure out how to survive and keep that bond which seems now to be held together by a thread.

Becca has had a hard life.  Abused by the ones who were supposed to protect her.  Her mom and step-sister did everything in their power to make her teenage years miserable.  Until one day everything comes crashing to a devastating halt.  If not for Dan, she would have ended up in jail or worse.  

Now Becca is a successful, professional woman.  She is best friends with Dan and trying to run from her past.  Becca is working through her past with her therapist seeking closure over the things she cannot change.  The past can't always stay buried though.  

Oh My Goodness!  What an emotional roller coaster ride.  This book will keep you up all night finishing it.  Becca is so hurt and damaged and blames herself for things that were out of her control.  She has so many unresolved problems that are still fresh and painful.  Becca is a walking time bomb.  

Dan is always there for her and sometimes pushes her when he should back off.  He is so sweet and kind.  Even though his intentions are good, he doesn't always think before he acts.  Dan's actions are overwhelming at times.

When Becca has to face people from her past what will the outcome be?  Will she be able to survive?

If you want to read a happily ever after book, this one is not for you.  This is a dark contemporary tale of overcoming abuse and a horror filled childhood.  Becca will drive you crazy at times with her over analyzing.  She has been so hurt she believes even the simplest things are her fault.  The ending drove me insane!  What a mess.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.  A wonderful storyline that will keep you engaged until the end.  Read this one and you will not be disappointed.

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Born on the mystical day of October 30th in the not so mystical lands of Mexico City, Claudia grew up with a childhood that resembled a caffeine-injected  soap opera. Seventeen years ago she ventured to the lands of her techie husband—a.k.a. the U.S.—with their offspring to start a new adventure.

She now lives in Colorado working as a CFO for a small IT company, managing her household filled with three confused dogs, said nerd husband, two daughters wrought with fandoms and a son who thinks he’s the boss of the house. To survive she works continually to find purpose for the voices flitting through her head, plus she consumes high quantities of chocolate to keep the last threads of sanity intact.
Learn more about Claudia by checking out her WEBSITE and following her on TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Be sure to add her books on GOODREADS too.


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