Saturday, July 12, 2014

~My First Author Event~

Okay, I have been blogging on and off for a while now.  I just attended my first author signing today.  I was supposed to attend one in Nashville last month, unfortunately life came up.  Today my daughter Brooklyn and I got to attend the Tennessee Valley Author Event.  I really didn't know what to expect but everyone was so nice and accommodating.  We met lots of great authors and interesting people.  What a great day!  I can't wait to attend more of these incredible events.

Me and Brooklyn waiting in line.  It was so hot!


One of the reasons I wanted to attend was to meet Chelle Bliss.  I won a copy of her book Throttle Me and I wanted to meet her and pick up the rest of her amazing books.  She was so nice!
  • Signed copy of Kayden:  The Past
  • Signed copy of Untangle Me
  • Signed copy of Hook Me
  • Signed poster of Resist Me (coming soom\n)
  • Signed bookmarks and swag
Chelle Bliss Website




I went a little crazy here.  I love Harper Sloan and her books.  So excited to meet her and Axel.
  • Signed copy of Cooper
  • Signed copy of Axel
  • Signed copy of Beck 
  • Signed copy Cage
  • Signed bookmarks and swag
She also gave me bags of signed bookmarks to giveaway.

Harper Sloan Website


  • Signed copy Very Bad Things by Ilsa Madden-Mills
  • Signed swag
I am so excited to read this.  Ilsa was so sweet.  Her book covers are beautiful.

Ilsa Madden-Mills Website


Me and Brooklyn with author Stacy Borel and her book models for Bender and Touching Scars.

Signed copy of Bender
Signed Swag

Stacy Borel Goodreads


Me and Brooklyn with author Danielle Jamie and her book models for Wasted Love.

Signed copy of Irresistible Desire
Signed copy of Inescapable Desire
Signed  swag and bookmarks plus extra to give away.
Danielle Jamie was so sweet and nice and perky.  A wonderful self promoter. 

Danielle Jamie Website


 I finally got to meet Kaitlin Gow.  I have every one of her book except Barely Legal and I was able to pick up a copy today.  Such a sweet lady!

  • Signed copy of Barely Legal
  • Bookmarks
Kailin Gow Website

I am sad to say that before today, I had never heard of Nicole Reed.  I meet some wonderful women while waiting in line who told me I had to read her book.  I stopped by her table and chatted for a while.  She is so sweet and wonderful.  I picked up one of her books with the promise to let her know what I thought of it.  By far the highlight of my day.

Signed copy of Beautiful Ink
Signed bookmarks and swag

Nicole Reed Website

The things I enjoyed most was getting a chance to meet some of my favorite authors and meet some new ones.  I know they get so tired of hearing I love your books but I really do.  My daughter, Brooklyn's favorite part was meeting some of the hot models, especially Axel.  I am so glad that she shares my love of reading.  

Until next time
Happy Reading!

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