Saturday, July 26, 2014

~Book Review: Girl In The Middle by Christine Bailey~

Girl In The Middle
Christine Bailey
Published September 30th 2013 by Vinspire Publishing, LLC 

Fifteen-year-old Skye, the middle child, finds herself wishing for a new life-one that doesn't include daily harassment from the in-crowd at Highland Creek High School. Skye barely survived freshman year. She only did because her best friend, Goose, a semi-popular fellow band geek, was by her side. But when their sophomore year starts, Goose ditches Skye for a new crowd. Cast into a lone existence at Highland Creek, Skye wishes for a touch of extraordinary that everyone, except her, seems to have. Her older sister, Sara Elizabeth, has it. Goose is getting close to it, and even her little sister is wildly popular in junior high. Skye would do almost anything to cast off her ordinary life...but at what price? When her older sister goes missing without a trace, Skye gets her wish...but it's not exactly what she had in mind. And when she questions Bryan, the senior class renegade and also the last person to be seen with her sister, she finds something she never quite expected.

Skye Walker is getting ready to start her sophomore year of high school.  She is the unremarkable middle child stuck between two blonde, beautiful popular sisters.  Her only friend, Goose has abandoned her for California for the summer and she has had to go it alone.  When Goose finally gets back from California he has changed, for the worse.  He looks different and acts different and now sits with the popular crowd leaving Skye to fend for herself.  Skye finally befriends Lauren, who is unlikable and mean, so she won't have to be alone.  This school year is the worst one yet!

When Skye's older sister Sarah Elizabeth disappears without a trace, Skye finds out just how strong and important she really is.  Trying to find Sarah Elizabeth, Skye meets Bryan, the bad boy of high school who may or may not be the last person to have seen Skye.  

First I want to thank the author Christine Bailey for sending me a copy of her book.  It is an incredible and remarkable read.  Teenage angst mixed with a little mystery.  Skye Walker (love the name) is the quintessential middle child.  She always gets overshadowed by her older and younger sister.  Sarah Elizabeth has problems of her own, she has been good about keeping everything a secret and maybe she doesn't want to be found.  Everyone thinks that Bryan is nothing but trouble but Skye sees through him.  

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.  You will not be disappointed with this book!

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