Thursday, November 22, 2012

~Book Review and Giveaway: Feels Like The First Time~

Feels Like the First Time
Author: Shawn Inmon
Date Published: 9/5/12
September, 1975: Shawn meets Dawn, his one true love, when she moves into the vacant house next door. Many people spend their life searching in vain for happiness, but he was lucky; finding it at the age of fifteen.
February 1979: Forbidden to see each other and feeling he is harming her by being in her life, he walks away from the love of his life, apparently forever.

December, 2006: After decades of sadness and mourning the girl that got away, he has a chance meeting with her that might change his life forever… again. Can the sweet bond of first love not only survive, but flourish?

Feels Like the First Time lets you share in the magic of young love in small town America in the 1970s. No matter how much the world changes, some things – timeless music, high school dances, making out in the backseat of a Chevy Vega, and of course true love – will always remain the same.

“That’s it then,” I said softly, almost to myself. There was nothing left to say. My composure was completely gone. Hot tears ran down my face, but I didn’t care. This was the moment I had done everything to both cause and avoid. It was possible I might see Dawn again at some future date, but I would never see this Dawn. She was so lovely it broke my heart to look at her.

I went to her and put my hands on her shoulders. I looked deeply into her eyes. I didn’t ask her to wait for me. I was trying to set her free.

“When we can see each other again, if you still love me, I’ll be there for you. I promise I’ll love you just the same.”

She nodded. Her tears streamed down her face and she looked away.

I walked out of her house, across the familiar yard and into the rest of my life.

What a wonderful and incredible book.  I usually don't read non-fiction but this one caught my eye.  I read it in one day; it was that good!
Told from Shawn's point of view, this is an incredible, true love story.  When Shawn first laid eyes on Dawn, she was the skinny new kid who moved in next door.  We soon learn that he has feelings for her despite that she is much younger than he.  The 1970's era is a great backdrop for this story.  All the great music brings back plenty of good memories.  Soon separated by family and geography, they each go on to live separate lives.
After thirty years apart and a chance meeting, can they find the love that they once had?  Painfully and brutally honest, Shawn Inmon captivates readers with a story of true love and restores our faith in our one perfect soul mate. 

Shawn Inmon is a husband and father, as well as a writer, Real Estate Broker, and member of KISS II, The Original KISS Tribute band. If you’d like to know what happened after he ran into Dawn in 2006, the answers are all in Feels Like the First Time, available in both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

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