Wednesday, December 6, 2017

~2018 Reading Challenge~

This upcoming year, I have decided to participate in at least one reading challenge.  Most are too much or you just get bored as the year progresses.  I have found an awesome reading challenge from Linz The Bookworm.  

This looks like so much fun and I can't wait to start!

2018 Reading Challenge
Level 1: Book of the Month Club
1A book from Project Gutenberg
2A book that costs less than $5
3A Cozy Mystery
4A comedy or a satire book
5Read a book by Nora Roberts
6A book that has been turned into a movie or TV show
7A book on a best seller list
8A book under 300 pages
9A book that takes place around a holiday
10A book with a one word title
11A book you first read when you were a teenager
12A children's book
level 2: Casual Reader Club
13A book by a new author
14Reread a favorite book
15A book with a cover that's in your favorite color
16A book published in 1993
17A book recommended to you on social media or by a friend
18A book with a number in the title
19A book with pictures in it
20A retelling of a fairy tale
21A book that involves a mythical creature
22A book about witches
23A book by an author named Chris or Christopher
24A book you got from a used bookshop or site
Level 3: Dedicated Reader Club
25A book about space travel, aliens, or other planets
26A book with an animal in the title
27First in a series you've wanted to start
28A book with music or song in the title
29A book with a purple cover
30A cult classic
31A book about a Teacher
32An action adventure book
33A book that takes place before 1900
34A book about friendship
35A book by Michael Crichton
36A book about a Queen
Level 4: Speed Reader Club
37A book by Agatha Christie
38A book that takes place in Australia
39A book that has a title starting with the letter Y
40Read a compilation of short stories
41Read a book from the Guardian's 100 greatest Novel list
42A book with the word thief in the title
43A banned book
44A book published in 1968
45A book about a doctor
46A book involving food
47A book with a male main character
48A book by two or more authors
Level 5: Overachiever Club
49A book published the year one of your parents was born
50A book over 500 pages
51A book about traveling
52A book with a flower on the cover
53A Non-Fiction book
54A book that takes place during a war
55A book involving a culture different than your own
56A book that takes place in Canada
57A book that was originally published in a foreign language
58A book about a character who has your dream job
59A book with woman or girl in the title
60A book about a main character that has the same hair color as you

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