Tuesday, July 15, 2014

~Top Ten Tuesday~

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish!

This Top Ten Tuesday talks about TV shows instead of books.  I rarely get to watch television since I am always reading but I do have a few shows that I just can't live without.  Some are like my books, guilty pleasures!

~Some of my favorite TV shows~

I absolutely love this show, in fact my whole family watches it.  We randomly quote Big Bang Theory.  My kids and I are such nerds.

One of my guilty pleasures.  It is like watching a train wreck.  You just can't look away!  My kids always ask if they can watch it and I tell them, "After you get married."

Daryl Dixon.  Enough said!

I love people who can get on television and make totally idiots out of themselves.

I notice a lot of bloggers are Supernatural fans.  Maybe it has something to do with Sam and Dean?

And I just started watching

Because I do love Brenden Fehr.  He is the hot guy on the right in the picture.

That is just six but that is all that I really watch!  What do you think of my selection?  What show or movies do you love?


  1. Love Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory too :D

    My top ten

  2. Yes you're right, it has something to do with Sam and Dean. In my case, Dean, 100 percent. <3 :D
    My Top Ten