Saturday, June 28, 2014

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I have recently experienced, what I call, Blogger Burnout.  I have still been reading a lot but between work and family and life, I have not had any time to enjoy blogging.  My reading habits have also changed.  I still love reading YA and NA but I have branched out into new genres as well.  I have always enjoyed a cozy mystery every now and then.

I am now reading Armed and Outrageous (Agnes Batron Senior Sleuth Mystery #1).

Armed and Outrageous
I am also reading Innocence Lost by Carlton Stowers.  I never read true crime.  I enjoy fiction so much more than real life.  This story caught my attention because it happened the same year that I graduated from high school.  It is just a sad senseless crime.  

Innocence Lost

That is all for today.  I have downloading a bunch of books on my Kindle and plan on spending my free time this summer reading.  I look forward to sharing!  Happy reading!

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